Quebec chapter news

A historical perspective on the evolution of high-temperature materials and processing technologies for aircraft engines

(17 octobre 2016)

by: Zhao, Linruo, ULaval, Local PLT-1760

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Additive manufacturing of metals: design opportunities, processing issues and material properties

(09 septembre 2016)

by: Maurizio Vedani, ULaval PLT-3370

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Current challenges in biodegradable metals

(08 septembre 2016)

by: Maurizio Vedani, Hopital Sainte François d'Assise Local E0-152.

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Welcome to the Quebec chapter of ASM International. This chapter is founded to provide a suitable environment for the exchange and distribution of technical information in the field of materials science. This takes place through promoting the relationships between technical societies and universities, holding technical and scientific seminars, and informing about the materials science events, conferences, scholarships and jobs. 

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